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Plateia Syntagmatos (Constitution Square) is the heart of modern Athens, where you'll find hotels, offices, banks, restaurants and cafes. What is most interesting in the square though are the Athenians themselves and it is very much used as a meeting point. Syntagma Syntagma photos The Parliament of Greece (Vouli)

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The unveiling of the Monument to the Unknown Soldier, which was created by the sculptor Fokion Rok under the direction of Lazaridis, took place on March 25, 1932, on the anniversary of the Independence Day of Greece, in a festive atmosphere and with great solemnity.

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May 10, 2022 Syntagma Square is perfect for sightseeing in Athens. Credit: Public Domain Syntagma Square has literally been the very heart of Athens ever since the city became the capital of the modern Greek state, and it's the perfect central location for sightseeing.

Constitution Square is the most important square in Athens; the square

General information Syntagma Neighborhood in Athens: Syntagma (Constitution) Square is the heart of modern Athens and the city's most popular meeting point. Bustling with life, the square faces the Hellenic Parliament, the impressive palace that used to be the residence of King Otto.

Syntagma Square in Athens,

Syntagma (Constitution) Square Syntagma Square is the most famous in Athens if not all of Greece. No matter where you have to go in Athens, if you can find Syntagma Square you can find your way there. Syntagma Square is back and better then ever. Well maybe not better than ever.

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City of Athens, Greece - Syntagma (Constitution) Square in Athens in Greece. Let's travel to the city of Athens in Greece and let's visit the main square, Sy.

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Syntagma Square ( Greek: Πλατεία Συντάγματος, pronounced [plaˈtia sinˈdaɣmatos], "Constitution Square") is the central square of Athens, Greece. [1] The square is named after the Constitution that Otto, the first King of Greece, was obliged to grant after a popular and military uprising on 3 September 1843. [2]

Syntagma Square in Athens, Expedia

Syntagma (Constitution) has always been the promenade square of the city and was the gathering point for the cream of Athenian society in the late 19th and early 20th century.

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Visit Athens - Constitution Square. Constitution Square (Syntagma Square) is where the people of Greece demanded and received a constitution. The Royal Palace faces Constitution Square. Each hour the elite soldiers known as Evzones, dressed in kilts, strut past the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The National Gardens is directly off Constitution.

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The Syntagma Square (or Platía Syntágmatos) is the largest square in the modern part of the city of Athens. It is often very busy here because it is a well-known roundabout where major roads intersect and many buses and trams start and end here. It is also an important constitution square for politics in Greece.

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Constitution Square: The History of Syntagma Square in Athens Even though it does not become immediately apparent when walking among Syntagma's five-star hotels and hip cocktail bars, it's a place that carries a long and turbulent history.

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The Hellenic Parliament is the Parliament of Greece, an imposing building located in the Parliament House (Old Royal Palace), overlooking Constitution Square in Athens. Tour. Enjoy a tour around the Hellenic Parliament, as well as other interesting sites, important parts of the Greek history, just by hopping on our Happy Train.

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The historic Syntagma Square. saiko3p/Shutterstock. Syntagma Square (also known as Constitution Square) is located in the heart of Athens and is a significant historical area, perhaps in part to its unique place in history. It was here in 1843 that Athens citizens first Athenians demanded a new constitution, rebuking the rule of King Otto.

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The Greek Parliament in Syntagma (Constitution) square, Athens, Greece

Who are the Evzones? The Evzones are selected among Greek men who are serving in the military. In order to be selected as a Guard for the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, a soldier has to be over 1.88 m (6′ 2") tall, but under 2.05 m (6′ 8"). Vanessa is 1.57 (5′ 2")!

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Syntagma Square in the center of the city is home to the Greek Parliament, making it the most important square in Athens. It is visited by tourists as well as locals. See below some of the square's highlights: 1. Greek Parliament & Change of the Guard The current Parliament building was once the royal palace of King Otto.